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Bees collect nectar, pollen and propolis from plants. Honey is made from nectar inside the hive by changing it's composition and reducing its water content. (The fresh nectar is very watery.) But what do they do with the pollen and propolis. Read more about this here.

Acacia honey comes from a tree Robinia pseudoacacia. It is the most popular honey type in Hungary. It's special feature is that is remains liquid for a really long time, up to 5-6 years, depending of its purity (if the bees didn't collect other type of honey mixing them into the acacia). It is of very light colour, almost transparent with a bit of a green hue. The taste is very light as well, some consider it similar to vanilia with a touch of flowers. It is ideal for sweetening because it does not dominate the taste, yet it gives it some extra aroma.

Rape honey. One of the earliest honey types of the year. When extracted fresh it is gold in colour, then it becomes set in a couple of weeks and changes its colour to almost white as can be seen in the picture. Very high in glucose, which makes it very sweet tasting. It has a characteristic scent and taste.
Sunflower honey is gold in colour sometimes even dark yellow. It becomes set in about 2-4 weeks and the colour changes to amber. The taste slightly lemony, very pleasant especially as a sweetener of drinks. It also has a strong scent of flowers. It is harvested in the middle of the summer usually in mid July, when the weather is very hot in Hungary. It is like sunshine put in a jar.
Lime honey is typically brown in colour and very aromatic. Its taste resembles of mint. It remains liquid for a relatively long time, becomes set in about 5-6 months. Like Lime flower it is very healthy in flu-like diseases, colds and other upper airway infections.
Milkweed is also known as Wild tobacco in Hungary, because of the similarity between the plants. Sometimes bees get trapped in the milkweed plant, so it is not an easy honey to collect, but it has a very distinctive, almost spicy taste and smell. The colour is light and it becomes set in about half a year.