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At the moment our honey is available at four places in Hungary:

At our farm between Mezotúr and Gyomaendrod között, near road 46. Call for exact directions.

In Budapest, at 53 Csalogány street (2nd district)

In Budapest, at 31st Klauzál street in the Honey Hostel see link to the hostel below

In Mezotúr, at 5 Zrinyi street (There is a sign outside)

(And currently available honey types:)

Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) (1kg): 2000 HUF.

Mixed flower honey: 1600 Ft.

Sunflower (1kg): 1600 Ft.


These prices apply when buying one jar of honey. There can be significant discounts if you buy more, or in bulk quantity. Please contact us for a special offer.

Real honey is like good wine: every vintage taste a little bit different.